All about the aluminum strut channel

All about the aluminum strut channel

The aluminum strut channel is used in electrical and other industries to support mechanical components, wiring, and plumbing. Their most common use is for ventilation systems, air conditioning systems wiring, and other such services. The strut is manufactured using a sheet of aluminum. The shape of it is like an open channel. The inwardly curved lips make it usable for connecting the other components. These are lightweight and have high tensile strength.

Moreover, as they are now of aluminum metal, they are resistant to corrosion. Manufacturing companies and suppliers make holes in their bases to withstand the interconnections with other struts. The significant advantage of these holes is that you can increase the length of your choice and can install them anywhere. However, stainless steel is an excellent option to avoid corrosion. But if you have planned to use them in an incredibly corrosive environment, then you should choose aluminum. Aluminum will give you the advantage as it will not rust and is lightweight compared to stainless steel. So you don’t have to worry if you have planned to buy a strut for outdoor usage.

Types of strut channels

There are five main types of aluminum strut channels. Let’s look at those to have a better understanding before purchasing.

  1. Half channel
  2. Slotted channel
  3. Half slotted channel
  4. Punched channel
  5. Solid channel

The solid channel is a full-length channel same as other channels, like slotted and punched channels but without holes. These variations are due to their different applications and usage. The various hole patterns support additional products.

The solid strut channels don’t come with pre-drilled holes. That’s why you have to drill them before use. Punched channels come with round-shaped holes. You can use them for 5/8 steel rods as well as bolts. The half-slotted channels have rectangular-shaped holes, but the center of those are 2 inches. Then comes the slotted channels, which usually have 4 inches of center. However, these sizes can vary based on the manufacturing companies. If you want a flexible and sturdy strut channel for your industrial or commercial needs, then you should choose an aluminum strut channel. The good thing is that aluminum channels are highly versatile. You can attach additional components to them to make them usable according to your requirements. The slots can connect various types of hardware, brackets, and fittings to them.

Advantages of aluminum strut channels

Although there are many benefits, as you have read above, an essential advantage of strut channels is that you can assemble them without any hard work. You can install them quickly, and also they are easily removable. So if you have planned to shift your business to another place, you don’t have to worry about purchasing the new struts again. These are fixed to walls using bolts. That’s why you can save labor costs as well as other expenditures if you have purchased the aluminum strut channel. In short, aluminum strut channels are an incredible product that can save money and support many fittings.