All You Need to Know About Portable 12V Power Supply

All You Need to Know About Portable 12V Power Supply

Are you an outdoorsy person or love to go camping every once in a while? If so, you might have an idea that the most essential element to take with you during trips like these are your power supply packs. These amazing portable outdoor power supply devices are specially made for people and situations like these where instant power is needed for a limited amount of time. As technology is moving fast and forward, there are many models available in the market suitable for various needs and circumstances.

In this article, we will specifically talk about a portable 12v power supply. This post will let you in on some of the most important aspects of this power supply. If you are interested in buying this machinery too, read till the end so that you are able to make a good purchase. Stay tuned!

How Is A 12V Power Supply Different?

A 12v power supply is now manufactured in such a way that it provides the user with lithium power that is very efficient. It also features an ultra-fast charging option so you won’t have to worry about it taking hours and hours to charge and then give a single one-time limited output. It can provide enough electricity that you will be able to fully charge almost all of your camping or outdoor supplies. It is also kept ultra-compact to suit the needs of a camper or hiker as they have to travel significant distances. It is safe to say that if a car is not available you can easily carry this lightweight device anywhere you like.

Features And Build Of A 12v Outdoor Power Supply

Following are some of the amazing features a 12v outdoor power supply has to provide comfort to the user. Read on!

Battery Capacity and Material

The battery is made up of lithium with is a much more competent material for a battery. It has a capacity of 150Wh and can be increased to as much as 256Wh with a model upgrade.


The display this device features is an LCD. It shows the data of the state of charge (SOC) telling how much charging is left, the direct and alternating voltage, fan status, etc.

Charge Data

There are two types of data that this device gives out, one is alternating current and the other one is direct current data. the AC charge is 100 to 240 volts with an adapter and in the case of DC 14,4V/ 30 to 60V. to protect the device it comes with reverse connection protection.


The expected DC out is 12V/5A and with the upgraded model you can get up to 12V/6A max. In the case of USB output, you can get 25-watt max.

Devices It Can Be Used For

This portable power supply is extremely useful and can be used to charge a range of different devices. Some of these are given below:

  • Light bulbs with different wattage
  • Laptops and mobiles
  • TVs, cameras, and gaming devices
  • Electrical camping devices


A portable 12v power supply is an extremely versatile device that may be made to fulfill electrical demand for outdoor but it is not at all limited to that only. It can work perfectly fine with small home electrical appliances and has tons of different uses. It comes with the ease of flexible charging methods like solar charging. You too can now have fun on an outdoor trip with your fam without worrying about your electricity demands.