How to Avoid Your Home From Getting Damage When Cleaning With Pressure Washer

How to Avoid Your Home From Getting Damage When Cleaning With Pressure Washer

Power washing your house is a great way to start the spring cleaning season. This summer, who wouldn't want a nice, tidy driveway to pull up to? Roofs, patios, siding, and decks need cleaning after a long winter of grime and storms.

Even though you can rent a pressure washer from your local hardware shop, you may want to educate yourself first. Misusing a pressure washer can result in severe damage to your property. Following these simple guidelines can help you use a pressure washer safely and prevent causing damage to your home.

Apply the Right Pressure on Surfaces

The most important thing you can do to protect your possessions is to use the proper pressure on your surfaces. Hard surfaces, such as concrete and brick can handle high pressure. Some surfaces, such as paving stones, are vulnerable to cracking when subjected to excessive pressure. Spray a small surface area before moving on to the rest of the site.

Wooden decks don't require as much pressure as concrete or asphalt. The surface of a wood deck can be damaged even though it is very strong. If you use too much force when pressure washing a deck, you risk scratching the wood, ripping off the paint, and even damaging the finish. Take your time and build up the pressure gradually. Use enough pressure at the beginning to remove dirt and grime, then reduce it as soon as you see any damage.

The Proper Distance

The distance and pressure must work hand in hand. Holding the sprayer too near to the surface might harm or break some materials, even if you are using a safe level of pressure. No matter how hard concrete is hit, it still can be discolored by improper pressure washing.

Power washers should be kept at least two feet away from the surface they are cleaning. If you need a little extra cleaning force, you can slowly bring the washer closer to the surface. Spraying too close to a surface might cause damage, so keep your distance to no closer than 12 inches when doing so.

The Proper Method of Pressure Washing

To achieve the desired result and avoid damaging your property when pressure washing, you must learn to use the pressure washer correctly.

Take a firm grip on the pressure washer with both hands. If you've been using a pressure washer for a while, you might find it comfortable to use one hand only. But always start with two hands. For better control, a side grip attachment is available.

Aside from the PSI on the washer, the nozzle you use has a significant impact on the water pressure being sprayed. Fortunately, pressure washer nozzles are color-coded to identify the spray's angle and pressure.

Final Thoughts

If you think your house needs some pressure washing, you can consider renting a washer or buying and doing it by yourself. Keep in mind the above tips to avoid the risk of damaging your home when you apply the wrong pressure or use the wrong method. For added information about the proper use of pressure washers, you can visit this siteĀ