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Easy Crab cakes

by Luke

Easy Crab cakes

You’ll want to make these Easy Crab Cakes over and over – it’s a simple 15 minute, no fuss seafood recipe that’s always a crowd pleaser! Make them mini to serve as an appetizer or larger for a main course, and be sure to have some fresh lemon to squeeze on top along with a dipping sauce like tartar sauce or remoulade sauce. This recipe uses any kind of crab meat you want – jumbo or claw, fresh or canned, meaning it can be very budget friendly to make.

These simple crab cakes are a great go-to recipe for any time of year. Because you can use fresh or canned crab meat, you can make this wherever you live. And if you use claw meat, you’re looking at a surprisingly budget-friendly meal for something that’s usually expensive (though indulging in fresh jumbo lump meat would certainly take them up a notch!).

My friends in Maryland may shake their heads because I didn’t include Old Bay seasoning in this recipe. My friends in New Orleans may wish I served them with remoulade sauce instead of tartar sauce.

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