Things You Want To Know About Chair Leg Protectors

Things You Want To Know About Chair Leg Protectors

Many times, dragging a chair leads to unwanted drag marks and lines across the floor. To prevent that, you can use chair leg floor protectors, which also has a wider range of advantages. Read on to know more about chair leg floor protectors and where you can buy them from.

Why Get These?

Chair leg floor protectors may seem to have only one function, but they offer a wider range of advantages. Check them out here.

Warranty On Floor

Chair leg protectors keep the floor safe from accidental dents or scratches that would occur while moving chairs or similar kinds of furniture. This protects the floor and increases its warranty period.

Ease Of Movement

Chair leg protectors hold chairs firm in place and also makes it easier to drag them around without thinking of scratching the floor. You would no longer have to think of damaging the floor and move chairs and other pieces of furniture to a desired position.

Promote Positive Image

Using chair leg protectors gives a positive image of the company or family that is using them. It makes the chairs look grander and elegant as compared to using them without leg protectors.

Easy To Clean Dirt Of Furniture

Chair leg protectors help users carry their chairs to places where they can be washed easily without damaging the chair’s legs. It also protects the legs from getting dirty when used in workplaces.

Types Of Chair Protectors

When it comes to chair leg floor protectors, there are different types that you can choose from. Here are some of them.

Felt Pads

This type is usually made from thick and durable felt that has a sticky back. Once stuck to the legs of a chair, they create a soft barrier between the floor and the legs of the chair. Felt pads are also among the most affordable kinds of chair leg floor protector in the market today.

Plastic Caps

This type is perfect for offices and other workplaces since they tend to be more durable than felt pads. They are also more aesthetically pleasing since they come in different colors that can match the color of the chairs being used. However, they tend to be a bit more expensive than felt pads.

Rubber Stoppers

This type is perfect for those who want extra protection for their floors. Rubber stoppers create a stronger barrier between the floor and the chair legs since they are made from rubber. They are also more durable than both felt pads and plastic caps.


You may not find suppliers of chair leg floor protectors in your locality very easily. In such cases, marketplaces like Alibaba comes to the rescue and they offer a wide listing of sellers and suppliers who can provide you with the required number and kind of chair leg floor protectors. In fact, you can directly contact the suppliers and describe your specific needs for better recommendations. Many sellers even agree to customize their products for your needs. Try out Alibaba for a good choice of chair leg floor protectors for your home and office needs.